... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

London Life and The Shard

Thank you very much for such an amazing response to my "blipday blip" yesterday: I found your comments and support so very warm and encouraging! Your overwhelming response even put my squashed cupcake on the spotlight; that is my first time, so thank you very much for that too!

I had been thinking of using this new year as an opportunity to make a resolution, but suddenly seems a bit melodramatic... I do intend to make my journal more varied, but I've said that before so rather than "making a resolution" I'll just make it an aim, and who knows; we'll see! So, I'll start on the right foot by posting this rather than my adorable picture of Mr. Goosle scratching his chin. *sigh*. (Ok, fine, here he is on my blipfolio...)
I have even opted for the "human interest" shot (a man running to get in his friends' accelerating taxi!) rather than posting a similar version of this picture with a gull in the sky.

I visited Eagle Pond at the usual time this morning, but Mrs. Goosle didn't appear at her usual time! I stayed there for the better part of an hour and there was still no sign... I'm not worried about her, but rather wonder whether this means she's tending to hatching goslings in her nest hole! Grr, I'm at work tomorrow so won't be able to check until Wednesday.

p.s. There are some details in this which shows up better in large, but the portrait format means that the top of The Shard disappears when I do that. Flip a coin?
p.p.s. Aw, now my very first entry has appeared at the bottom right, next to the map!

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