... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr.: Wind-Ruffled

More tousled in large ("L").

First of all, thank you so very much for your amazing support on my blipday yesterday! I was touched by your comments and for sending my entry to the Spotlight.

He has his "third eyelid" (nictitating membrane) half closed here (i.e. he blinked; it was blinking blustery...), so it is visible across his pupil: I've uploaded a closer crop in case you're interested. The nictitating membrane is clear so that they can still see with it closed, and they blink it quite often: they close it when they preen (to avoid getting feathers in their eyes) and even when eating from long grass, or when the wind blows straight into their eyes... Sounds useful.
I'd wanted to post Mr. (or kin) yesterday of course, but wasn't in London during the day so today'll have to do! I took quite a few shots of him in the sunshine, so have put up a Goosle fix on Flickr starting with:
Grumpy Goosle: "Oh good, it's you...".

Shake it out [= blip alternative]
Caught by the wind
Bendy Goosle

p.s. There was a chap on the phone by the pond who ended his call to ask me about Mr.; he was interested ("Egyptian geese!?") and said he was concerned by the aggressive anglers and had tried calling the RSPCA last year. I found it reassuring to hear that other locals are concerned too.

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