Light and lines

A relatively relaxed Sunday. Jacqui came over for a proper Sunday lunch - MrM cooked roast beef with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire puds, and I made mincemeat and marzipan palmiers for dessert - accompanied by a glass or two of red. Fletch came too, of course, and enjoyed some beef! Afterwards we sat and chatted by the fire until the light was fading, and Fletch was pestering for his tea.

Getting dark when MrM and I went for a very short walk down to the river. (He suggested walking the 'Humbleton round', but a longish walk up a rough track in the dark didn't have much appeal!) The Blip was taken as we walked back up the hill. It was a hurried photo, but I rather like the effect of the four 'lights' and the telephone wires. It was a little too chilly and blustery to stand around for long!

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