By strawhouse


Today was a day of two halves. The first half involved staying in bed until noon, drinking tea, reading Wolf Hall and eating muesli. Then my stock arrived so the rest of the day was spent getting it all out, labelling it up and packing it up again for the shop.
And in between, taking Archie out for a walk, taking eBay parcels to the post office and cooking dinner for the Little Misses. 
Eventually at about 7pm Mr K and I took it all down to the shop and loaded up my cabinet. 
It was proper spooky being there in the dark. Not helped by the fact that when we'd been there about twenty minutes we heard someone creeping around in the front, behind the internal doors which we'd closed.
"Did you shut the front door?" I hissed at Mr K.
"I didn't touch the front door" he hissed back.
Oh shit.
He reluctantly bravely went through to check and there was a shriek. What the hell was going on?!!!
Luckily it wasn't an axe wielding burglar but Mrs L coming in to do some work on her room. It was quite the party!!
We got all my bits in and I'm really pleased with how it looks. I took a crappy picture in the dark so I'll go in tomorrow and get some better ones. 
Mr K felt he'd earned fish and chips with all his lifting and carrying and arranging. I had a delicious - and much healthier - salad, cheese and avocado wrap.
Only Murders in the Building tonight. Bloody brilliant!

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