Day 8 test

We went to get our Day 8 PCR tests this morning.  Whereas it was very quiet on Wednesday when we went, today it was very, very busy - probably as a result of the high case numbers yesterday. It took us an hour to get to the head of the queue and get our tests done.

This afternoon I managed to touch base with the friends who are going to walk the Abel Tasman with us in April and we agreed on where we want to stay in Nelson, so I was able to make the necessary bookings. 

We’ve had persistent light drizzle and high winds all day, so I knew a blip was going to be difficult. In anticipation of the lack of opportunity, I took a photo of the test centre (main blip).  As we waited in the queue two cars drove alongside us, one behind the other, with number plates that seemed very apt for the situation - JAB and LAB.  They are shown in the extra.

There are 454 new cases in the community today, a slight increase on yesterday’s 446 new cases.

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