Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Dark side

Gus kept me company watching Wales vs Scotland this afternoon. After last week I wasn’t feeling optimistic, but it was a very different afternoon. Gus, as a Lancashire born collie, was a neutral observer, just opening an eye to find out why I was pointing the iPad at him again.

Otherwise, a miserable day outside. The usual squabbles going on amongst the blackbirds over the apples. Yesterday, the dominant female had her rival pinned down and was pecking her throat. We had to intervene to save the smaller bird. But she wasn’t put off, and was back again today, taking quick pecks of apples before she was spotted.

At home, I managed to break C’s Pyrex dish that she has had for forty years. It needed a lot of careful sweeping to find all the glass fragments in order to protect Gus’s feet.. C was very forgiving when she got home, but then a good roast miso squash and potato lunch was waiting for her.

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