Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Another home game for Newcastle - this afternoon they were playing Aston Villa.  Kick off 2pm.  I left the house at 11.45am and headed for the bus stop round the corner as it has a shelter and it was raining.  Got into conversation with a chap who was already at the stop - he was also going to the match.  When I got on the bus he sat down beside me and we continued talking,  About football of course.

Great atmosphere in the ground again.  Lots of flags and singing.  The match was a stop start affair.  Referee seemed to be blowing his whistle constantly.  There were a few injuries too which stopped play for a while.  Aston Villa aren't an easy team to play against but Newcastle scored after 35 mins.  Another marvellous free kick from Kieran Trippier who was our Captain today.  Unfortunately he had to go off injured in the second half.  Apparently he left the ground of crutches headed to the hospital to get a scan on his foot.  Hopefully there are no broken bones.

Newcastle managed to hang on to the lead during the second half.  Then there were 7 mins added time and it was a nervous 7 mins hoping Villa didn't get a goal.  Fortunately they didn't so Newcastle got another 3 points.  3 wins in 3 games. Hopefully this is the start of a move up the table and out of danger.

Took my blip shot before kick off.  Just took a few random shots of the players and afterwards I noticed Joelinton with his hands apart.  Maybe some kind of pre- match ritual.  Then I saw the Willock was gazing down at his hands.  ???

My journey home was easier and faster than it was on Tuesday night... I was in the house by 5pm.

Steps today - 10,075

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