Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Earth to ...

Well no, not a SETI satellite dish but the bog standard 5G tower (although admittedly rather a very tall tower which is quite a landmark) in Raymond Terrace keeping mobile phones connected to absolutely everything.   Where would we be these days without our mobile phones?

I plan to have looked at all entries for Mono Monday by Wednesday AEDST (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).  Always a hard job chosing just 5 hearts and HMs.

Next week for Mono Monday the theme is hands and the tag is MM422.  Good luck!

In other news I met up with BanksiaMan and Mrs BanksiaMan.   Don't you just love blipmeets.  Blippers are the best.  We met at Seaham swamp where I did the recky yesterday as the BMs are heading North back home and this was sort of on the way for them.  No sign of the Osprey despite me announcing I had seen it on several occasions (whoops) but I did see the Sacred Kingfisher, alas he was in the shade so despite this being cropped and a shocking shot, I have put him up in the extra.   Safe travels BMs.

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