Aerial view

I was up and out the door early so I could get a dozen red roses on behalf of my brother just as the displays were being stocked. That allowed me to have pick of the lot and also get the task done and out the way. (See extra)

I put the roses in water on my counter for delivery later.

I took my drone into the backyard and had it in the air a while. There are a lot of restrictions on flying in my neighbourhood as we are in the flight path for the airport and the county jail is not far away.

I spent the afternoon working on the Wentworth puffin puzzle as I hadn’t touched it in ages. Got a good bit done.

At 4 pm I delivered the roses to my s-i-l’s house as her granddaughter (16 yr old) Karrie, was home from school. This way the roses would be waiting or Debbie when she got home from work.

I spent my evening on the computer looking at bulbs for the garden and deciding what I wanted to get and where I wanted to put them

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