Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Aerial Ballet

I met up with three of my birder friends this morning for a walk about a half hour north of here.  It was beautiful out, brisk but not frigid.  We didn't see anything unusual but really enjoyed watching a trio of Black Vultures who appeared to just be playing and having fun.  It was windy so they were just riding the thermals.  One of my friends, who is an avian rehabilitator, was telling us about a vulture she rehabilitated who would untie her shoelaces and do other playful things.  It certainly looked like they were playing up above us - sheer joy.

I made a stop on the way home to pick up sunflower seeds only to find that the store I usually get them out is totally out and no idea when they will get a shipment in.  I will check Home Depot tomorrow - hopefully this isn't the latest victim of supply chain woes.  Ugh.

Jax, Phoebe and I had a nice nap this afternoon - seems to be a habit I'm getting into - not sure if I like it.  The challenge is that I'm just not getting enough sleep at night right now so I am tired.  

It had warmed up to about 60 this afternoon and although heavily overcast, I put Jax's new 2Hounds harness on and off we went for a mile on the Lane.  And can I just tell you that he was a complete delight for the entire walk.  I'm sure it was sheer coincidence, but he didn't pull, and he was walking with a loose lead most of the time.  The only time I had to cinch him in was when we met our neighbor walking his Maltese - he wanted to jump up and greet the neighbor.  Anyway, it was a good walk and now he's resting up for his next round of crazy.

We are going to get torrential rains tonight which should get rid of the last of the ice and snow (thank heavens) but it will be cooler again tomorrow.  Still, we are at the time of year where there almost seems to be an end in sight for winter.  Almost.

Dark with orange today.  I'm back to the dark sourced in Uganda and it's absolutely delicious.  Found it on Amazon of all places.


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