Busy bees

We were busy bees at our meeting in Manchester today. Meanwhile those of us planning to travel north again at the end of the day kept an anxious eye on the weather and rail company web sites.

As feared, my direct train back to Edinburgh was cancelled. Instead my journey first took me east to Leeds, then I picked up a service to Scotland that had started from Bristol. This meant that I reached home much later than expected. However, I enjoyed the company of another Edinburgh resident for the entire journey. Twenty-six year old Matthew turned out to be even more outgoing than I am, and by the time we reached Waverley we were the firmest of friends. The five hours en route simply sped by as we chatted to one another and the other people seated beside us.

My blip is of the decor from the stairs down to the meeting room in my hotel.

Exercise today: a little walking (8322 steps).

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