Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


When I went into the garage this morning I spotted this small piece of paper which had blown in under the door.  I picked it up to put in the bin and noticed the writing on it.  I'm sharing the message with my blip friends.  Some love coming your way if you have needed to be brave recently.  Bravery doesn't just mean being heroic it also applies if you have faced a fear, endured something unpleasant, stood up for yourself or others, did something adventurous and lots more.    I imagine the note was written by one of the parents in The Close.  I wonder what the reason was.

The weather for the last 24 hrs has been changeable.  It snowed through the night - not much just a slight covering.  Then we had heavy rain which washed all the snow away.  Then it was dry for a bit and we even had sunshine.  Then the wild wind returned and the temp dropped.   Of course I chose this time to go to the village.  When I walked down my shopping trolley was empty and it kept " taking off " in the wind.  Much better coming home when it was full of heavy shopping. At least it didn't rain while I was out.

We seem to have got off lightly as far as storm Eunice is concerned.  However in Consett only 10 miles from here. but on higher ground, they have had lots of snow and roads have been blocked,schools closed etc. Some parts of the South have been really badly affected. I hope all my blip friends are safe and well. Take care all.

Steps today - 7,096

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