Had a lazy day indoors.  Did a few chores and watched a lot of TV.  Caught up with Trigger Point.  I must say that as bomb disposal experts Lara and her team seem to be quite useless.  Every week somebody gets blown up.

This afternoon I listened to the match on the radio.  Newcastle were playing away against West Ham.  Newcastle played well - even without a few key players.   Against the run of play West Ham scored first after 32 mins.  But Newcastle equalised just before half time.  And that's how the score stood at the end - a 1 - 1 draw,  Good result for an away game against a team who are 5th in the table.  Well done The Toon. 

Weather today was dry and calm. Not a sign of any snow.  Not sure how cold its been as I haven't even been into the garden.  Cats have hardly been out either.  As usual during the daytime Tino chose to sleep in a box.  He has 3 boxes downstairs and throughout the day he moves around between them. But at night he always sleeps in his proper comfy bed.  Took my blip shot this afternoon when he was having one of his many naps - I assume he was comfortable as he slept like this for ages.  Maybe it counts as a Silly Saturday blip.

Steps today 2,357

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