Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Weather has been extra bad today.  Constant rain and wind the whole time so I have stayed indoors.  Caught up with Match Of The Day and also did some ironing.  Made a nice shepherds pie for my tea. Great Pottery Throwdown, Dancing On Ice and Call The MIdwife this evening.

Was wondering what to do for an Emergency Indoor Blip when I remembered  Elwetritsche's challenge.

" Old German driver's licenses soon have to be exchanged to a check card sized piece of plastic. Which gave me the idea of posting my horrible and soon expiring driver's license photo.

I challenge you to post yours, too. Only the photo, not the license - and if not the license perhaps an old passport photo?.

f you want to join in, use the year the photo was taken for the title and tag it "Lappen".    Lappen (rag in English) is what we call our old license - an old grey piece of paper."

I've never held a drivers licence so here is a photo from my 1978 passport - valid for one year.. My younger brother is also named on the passport as he was travelling with me on holiday.  We went to Malta.  I had a penfriend there. I was 27 years old when this photo was taken ( my brother was 14 ). I loved that curly perm I had back then. 

When I got up this morning I had a Whatsapp message from my neighbour across the road.  She had sent me a photo she had taken of a rainbow over my house.  I have added it as an Extra.  ( my house is on the left ). Wonder if I should start digging in the back garden for a pot of gold. 

Neil and Rachael took Luna to the beach today - Tynemouth.  However they only managed a mile walk and had to return home as the weather was just too wet.  I have added a collage  of  photos from their outing

Steps today - 4,429

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