Kendall is here

By kendallishere

Troubled air

Sue and I walked by the Willamette River this morning after hearing the terrible news. Last night a group of protesters marching to honor Amir Locke (another young Black man killed by police) were attacked by (presumably right-wing) people with guns. One young woman was killed, four other people injured. I haven't heard their names, but there is a Go-Fund-Me to pay for medical and funeral expenses. The march last night was led by Letha Winston, who I have marched with many times. Letha has gathered a number of very loyal followers who march with her every week in honor of her son and whoever the police have killed that week. Sadly, there is always a new name to add to their chants for justice. 

Thank you for your support and ideas on yesterday's Blip. I will say more on Monday, when I have some answers to my questions.

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