What a dame!

This is the second dame in the pantomime, Hedda Scholdernietzentose (pronounced Hedda Shoulders knees and toes).  She's a baddie that turns goodie and gets rid of the villain.

Yesterday was the final performance of the panto and went well.  The whole thing has been a fantastic production.  It's the eleventh that the village has put on and many people have said the best so far. 

Afterwards we had an official photo taken of cast, musicians and bahind the scenes people.  The musicians are dressed in convict outfits, I'm the one next to the lady with the fan (extra). We then had a few thank you speeches before packing away.

When that was done we had a party.  We'd all taken food to share and it was a lovely end to the panto.  H (still in convict outfit) made the cake and S the director  and it was a lovely bit of downtime and socialising with everyone (extra photo).

At hometime Storm Franklin had set in with strong winds and heavy rain.  The road had flooded in various places and there was a horizontal hail storm.  I got home safely and was glad to relax for the rest of the evening.

Playing for the pantomime was hard work but great fun and a great experience.

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