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Hands and appliances

When I’d finished work I walked to B&Q to buy a batten that we can use to secure the new dishwasher when it arrives on Thursday. At B&Q I found some rough sawn timber that at 32mmx38mm was similar enough to the a small remnant piece I had that I think it might work. Unfortunately at 2400mm long it’s twice as long as needed. The in-store wood cutting machine was not in use but there was a sign directing me to the trade yard in the car park. The cashier, who took my £4.98 for the wood, confirmed this is where I should go to get it trimmed but on arrival the man I spoke to denied all knowledge of their ability to cut wood to size suggesting that I’d been sent because “there’s a lot of new people” in the main store. I can’t imagine anybody would have gone to the effort of printing signs without knowing the service could be offered elsewhere so I suspect I was being spun a line as they didn’t want to do it. So, unfortunately, I walked home with an oversized plank. I’m trying to get somebody in tomorrow to fix it. At least it was a 2.68 mile round trip that counts as a workout. The dishwasher saga continues.

I’ve never done one of the Blipfoto challenges before but today’s Mono Monday’s topic was ‘hands’ and I was emptying the washing machine I wondered if the machine’s drum would make an interesting contrast in a black and white picture. I’m not sure it was quite the effect that I thought it would be but that is my hand removing some just-washed shirts.

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