Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2612. Backblip!

I was hoping to upload this screen shot yesterday after we received our PCR test results which we were expecting by about 10pm……but after an anxious few hours thinking what on earth can we do if they don’t arrive on time…the email finally arrived at 3am!

That’s all of the app stuff done and what a debacle it all was too…so much stuff to sort out and no less than two apps required by British Airways….one for their system in order to check in online and one for Canada for their border control.

And finally they’re both done….it was so difficult and we also needed printed copies of everything too which is easier said than done….

All that we need to do is to check in online (if we can…as there have been ongoing issues with BA’s online check in) but otherwise we can use our printed documentation and check in at the airport.

Canada is lifting it’s requirement for a pre flight PCR test next Monday which would have made things a lot easier but we have no choice just now….

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