Spring Lake from Spike's Walk

The brown coating on the lake at the bottom of the picture is a combination of algae and a water fern called azolla or duckweed which is very invasive but not toxic. It was completely covering the surface of the lake  last week and there is speculation that it may have been fertilized by runoff from fire retardant dumped on the mountains behind the lake during the Glass fire.  It thrived during the warm weather but has  receded with the current cold snap. 

The temperatures dipped to 25F (-4C) last night but has warmed up to a balmy 52F (11C)  with a stiff breeze today. I've returned to the closet culling and cleared out quite a bit. There are always dilemmas like what do I do with the beautiful above-the-knee boots that I'll never wear, or the hand knit coat that just isn't...and never was...me. I knit it for the challenge but don't even want to wear it.  Achieving a good fit seems to be the challenge of hand knit clothing. The outfits I wore to my children's weddings will never be worn again either, but I will have to find someplace to store them simply for the sake of sentiment.

It's really quite a convoluted process as simply moving stuff to another room isn't really an option unless I clear it out. Another case of mission creep.

I wish there was some sure fire formula to know ahead of making clothing purchases which things will be the ones that get worn all the time and which ones will wind up being a huge mistake....

Thanks to Rock Area for hosting.

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