Abstract Thursday

Todays challenge is for Texture. I noticed as I was about to wash up that there was some residue in the bottom of my wine glass where it had stood waiting to be washed up, and other than a bit of magnification and crop it is straight out of the camera. It looks like lots of microbes, almost enough to give up drinking red wine ....... I did say almost ;-))

Have a friend dropping in for coffee soon after she has done her shopping. then out to lunch with friends. The hostess was having family down to visit, but one has got covid, so visit cancelled, but now has a fridge full of food, so has asked three of of around to help her eat some of it :-)

Camera Club this evening, with a Zoom talk on wildlife in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. I have still got two landscape pics to find to send in so busy day :-)

Thank you for dropping by and for your comments and rewards :-)

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