By earthdreamer

Seeking Distraction

Whiskey loves the swing in the woods, getting his teeth around the rope that's tied off under the seat and then holding on for all he's worth, trying to upend Shenny in the process. He proved a welcome distraction from all the news out of the Ukraine and Roam's misery following Leeds' 0-4 defeat to Spurs. My youngest's gloom and doom around poor Bielsa and our chances of staying in the Premiership did nothing to lift my own mood. I did my parental duty to hear out his rant and give him some catharsis. It was, at least, another distraction from more important matters.

On my own in the evening, still unable to focus on anything creative, I thought I'd look for a film on Mubi. I stumbled across Rams. Having recently seen Lamb, I seem to be in something of an Icelandic sheep farming phase of movie watching at the moment! For a film that was a lot about sheep, it was remarkably compelling. I suspect my subconscious of having chosen it for a reason. There are parallels to be drawn between what's happening in the world at the moment and this strange tale of two brothers who hadn't spoken to each other for forty years. Or perhaps I'm just looking too hard?

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