Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Hide-ing to nothing

Another glorious, bright day, if a little cold.  We went out to the nature reserve at Cley Marshes for a walk and a bit of birdwatching.  This was taken looking out of Bishops Hide; not a lot to see from there.  We then walked out towards the beach where I took the couple of extras I've added; a Lapwing which seemed to have a very iridescent back, and a Curlew (female, I think).

The tide was out when we got to the beach so I walked down across the shingle to the sandy bit to take some shots of the surf.  I thought I was well away from the edge but unfortunately, a rogue wave caught me so I ended up walking back to the car with soggy feet and trousers wet up to my knees.  I suppose I could say I've had my first paddle of the year.

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