By Teasel


What a beautiful day – very spring-like.  I started the day by reading my book in the sunshine, which was a lovely way to start a Sunday.  My running has slipped recently due to the weather and things getting in the way, but I was determined to go out this morning, even though I was weary after our late night.  I took it slowly, and enjoyed the sunshine.  A lovely five miles.  Once home, I made pancakes which BB had been waiting for.  He didn’t have mini rugby this morning, so was focused on pancakes instead!  It also felt like I did about ten loads of washing today – there was alot, but not that much.  All hung out and all dry –  which is much preferable to it hanging around the house.
After lunch, BB went off to football.  I decided to go for a walk.  I went out with no plan, but ended up coming back to town along the river, which I thought was perfect as I could go and watched the end of BB’s football match, expect I went to the wrong pitch!  As I approached the pitch, there was a game, but I couldn’t see TT and in fact couldn’t see anyone I knew.  I checked my phone only to find out they were playing at another pitch.  If I had had more time, I would have gone there, but as it was I decided to just head home for a very late lunch.
They arrived home soon after me, but weren’t very happy as the team hadn’t played so well today.   I left them to analyse the game, and went out for a supermarket shop.  TT was on cooking duties tonight and made a delicious tagine.  After some ironing, I finished my book (The Way of all Flesh) – a good yarn set in Victorian Edinburgh.  The end of a lovely weekend.
After yesterday's kingfisher, a wagtail.  One of a pair which were flying around by the cascade on the river.  The extra shows some lovely early blossom against the brilliant blue sky.

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