By Teasel

Anemone blanda

When I got up I had two texts from friends asking me what I was baking this morning.  The answer was I had no plans, but I did make some chocolate chip muffins for BB – and he devoured them.  To be honest when it is a lovely sunny morning, I don’t much feel like baking.  I did however get some washing on so I could hang it out.  I was going to go for a walk, but decided to wait until TT was back from his run.  The two of us walked down into town to get something for lunch and to pick up some shopping for tea.  The farmers’ market was on, and wasn’t busy so we had a wander round it.  TT bought some beer and scotch eggs and declared he was sorted for the rest of the day. I was surprised that it was on, given we are in lockdown.
TT did some gardening in the afternoon, which included dismantling BB’s trampoline.  He has plans for the garden, and BB is too big for the trampoline now, though he still used it a lot when we were in lockdown last year.  We were worried he would go right through it or just hit the ground.  Anyway it’s gone now and there is a big gap in the garden.  I went for a wee walk round by the farm.  Given it was such a lovely day I thought I would meet loads of people, but surprisingly I only met three people. 
TT was on tea, a Saturday night curry, so I did a few chores and watched a wee bit of TV.  In amongst all that I tweaked my back and later when TT and I started watching The Queen’s Gambit, I just couldn’t get comfortable on the sofa.  We watched a couple of episodes, but I was dozing by the end of the second, so called it a day.
I spotted these anemone blanda in St Mary’s Pleasance today and the aconites in the laburnum walkway (extra).

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