Shiny Things

A picture from our kitchen showing some of the shiny stuffs which form part of our rituals of beverage preparation and drinking.

I had just cleaned the work surface and thought the shiny things made a nice still life. 

We had a good day in a further phase of downsizing our clutter, and yet another trip to the local recycling centre, combined with a bracing walk round the Twentyman Playing Fields. Hollie had great fun and our cheeks were burning from the dual effect of welcome sunshine and strong cross winds. Very invigorating. 

Topped off by returning home to warm up with tea. And egg custards!

And a call from our friends J and C who want to visit at the weekend. J has recently restored a cherished sports car and wants to talk motors, possibly beg a spin in the Jag. Mmmm, we'll see...

I researched the term 'vacuum bomb', having heard it used in a report from Ukraine. It is an especially effective and hideous weapon designed for enclosed spaces. It is used to target personnel in places like trenches. And schools. And residential buildings. And hospitals. It was used to 'great' effect in Syria.

I pray that Putin will live long enough to experience the terror, and agony and limitless suffering he has been directly responsible for. He is the epitome of evil. May he roast, or rot in hell. 

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