Little diamonds

Called on friend H this morning to collect a letter she wanted posting. She has Covid so great distancing was kept!  Luckily she is feeling a bit better - although still testing positive the line is getting fainter.  We were supposed to be going away at the end of April, but the hotel has been sold and is to be made into apartments.  We have been offered couple of nights the week after next, but I didn’t fancy the seaside in March, especially given the forecasts, so afraid I’ve turned that offer down.  Rain again today.  Went to Tittle Tattle - very busy this morning and money was being donated to the Ukraine Crisis, so luckily I had some cash on me for once.  A couple of friends messaged to see if Corinthian and I could meet up with them this afternoon, so off to the local again in a short while - twice in one week - unheard of these days!  Photo is my Mahonia in bud - the raindrops looked liked diamonds - pity there was no sunshine to make them sparkle!

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