A Clattering Of Jackdaws

Another horrible damp and dull day. I got images of a little egret by the lake and a green woodpecker in our neighbour's field but both were well in the distance.

Ollie dog and I walked at Holyfield Farm in the rain after lunch. We didn't see a soul. The deer were hunkered down under a hedge. I photographed a lame Canada goose which I think I have captured before in 2020. I'm glad to see it still managing with its disability. The jackdaws were wheeling noisily round the farm buildings as usual.

Nothing much to see from Longlands hide but a friendly birder, who I often chat with, was inside. When we left he introduced me to Trigger, his English Bull Terrier. He has rescued the young powerful dog and it is a bit of a handful at the moment. He's experienced with the breed and is a real animal lover so I'm sure Trigger will soon calm down. My pic of him was soft. :( 

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