An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Horsing around...


We've had no social events for months and here we have two days out in a row!  I'll sleep all day Saturday!  lol

Our friends Alan and Gail invited us to dinner (along with D's sister Ele and our brother-in-law Kenny) on 28th December.  Unfortunately they caught covid so it had to be cancelled.  Poor Alan has been suffering with terrible post viral fatigue and so this is the first date they both felt he was up to being able to stay awake past 6pm.

They live just over an hour away and as usual we were running about 15 minutes late, so when we got in the car David decided to set the sat nav so we would have advanced notice of any traffic problems. 

Normally to do this he presses a button that brings up our most visited places and he just chooses the relevant address.  This time he decided to use the voice activated command.  Dear heavens...has he never seen THIS??!!! hahahahahaha!

First attempt, in his poshest Scottish accent - Navigate to ........ Road, Eskbank, Dalkeith.
Response - Navigating to Avis Car Hire, Edinburgh.

Second attempt, slowly in his poshest Scottish accent - Navigate to ......Road, Eskbank, Dalkeith.
Response - Navigating to Jewson, Newcastle

Bloody hell!  Final go!  This time D decided to put the town name first and in a very jaunty, posh Scottish accent...

Navigate to Dalkeith, Eskbank, ....... Road
Response - Navigating to Dunkin' Doughnuts

OMG!  By this point I was helpless with laughter and shouting Ee-lev-en at the dashboard!  lol

Gave up at that point and  decided just to chance it with the traffic.  Thankfully there were no hold ups and we got there only 10 mins late, which wasn't too bad (we always dread guests arriving on time as we are never ready! :-0 ) 

We had a lovely night with Gail cooking a lovely meal of butternut squash and apple soup, followed by fillet steak with a spicy rub, potato wedges and roast Mediterranean veg, and ending with delicious nutty chocolate cheese cake, fresh raspberries, blueberries and mango, and salted caramel ice cream.

After dinner the men retired to the TV room to watch the Partick Thistle game and Ele, Gail and I got cosy in the lounge with our G&Ts and had a good old blether.  

Second evening in a row we rolled home just after midnight.  I'm not complaining :-)

PS On the way home I realised I hadn't taken any photos today so took a very a very dodgy snap of a Kelpie as we passed on the motorway.  The Kelpies are called Duke and Baron and I believe this one is Baron :-)


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