By Yorkshirebred

Park life

Set off on a walk today, but remembered I still needed some shopping.  The little Jet bus was coming down the hill so I hopped on and went into town.  Still wanting to incorporate a walk I decided to wander around the park before going to the shops.  A bright but slightly chilly day, and quite a few people around, many heading to the park’s cafe.  I looked at the sunken garden and followed a couple of clues on a pirate trail which had been set up.  The Town Hall and War Memorial are my blip together with a board relating to the timeline of the park which I hadn’t noticed before.  Lots of lovely heathers were blooming in the borders.  After that I called at a supermarket but the main thing I had gone for (a particular bread) was not available.  Went to another supermarket where a few things were purchased, but long queues at checkout meant I missed my bus.  So got a takeaway coffee and had another look around town before coming home.  The little market was in full swing and there was a singer there who was brilliant, so I had free entertainment with my coffee!

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