An odd day, today. As I had seen (yesterday) the only new admission, there was little urgency about assessments, and the registrar was able to work through their needs, after we had seen together the one person who has improved significantly in just the last few days.. 

I was therefore able to deal with some less pressing matters, such as producing an instruction sheet for the use of a six item rating scale for severity of depression. Plus also some scoring sheets. Had the help of L who has been really helpful to me over the whole time she has worked in the unit.

Just before I was about to pack up and head to the CMHC for the afternoon, I got an email to say that they had not organised any patients for me to see, so I chose to goa bit later, which worked out well, as I did the few administrative tasks there, before heading away. 

Took the opportunity to get a blood test done, in the Point Chevalier village centre. At the edge of the parking area, I went past Chris as he was setting up. When I came back he was quietly playing his guitar. 

He is not the first street musician I have blipped, and although he wondered if I had photographed him before, we established that I was not the person he was thinking of. He was happy to have his photo taken, after he and I had helped guide a truck driver to edge his large vehicle past a poorly parked car.

Today's extra was taken as I walked to the unit. It has the feel of looking out from the forest to a mystical city.

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