Interesting Day

My daughter-in-law "graduated" from hairdressing school today. She clocked her last required hour and the whole school gathered 'round and applauded and cried. It's been a year and she seems really content in her career choice. She brought my granddaughter with her to the school this morning so she could cut her hair. I picked up my grandson and son and we all went over to cheer her on. It was quite moving really. Not a graduation ceremony per se, but a small celebration for sure. 

Later, when I picked up my granddaughter at school (her mum had taken her to school after graduation) we got smoothies and went to a small park near their library. They met some other kids around their age and raced around, having a grand time. They discovered a great cave under what I believe is a Port Orford Cedar - Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - a tree native to western Oregon and NW California. I was really struck by the male cones which look rather like little beetles (see extra). I also found a Cornelian Cherry - Cornus mas - in full bloom, and full of lichen too! 

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