Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH


I had a plan.  Park at the boating lake in Sheringham; walk along the coastal path past the golf course, turn left and head towards the bridge over the railway and take a picture of the steam train leaving Sheringham at 13.50.  I reckoned it would take half an hour, so parked at the appropriate time and set off.  That's when it happened.  A steam train left Sheringham as I set off.

Did that mean it was early?  Was it late?  Was it an extra train?  Whichever way, it didn't look like a good idea to continue with a half hour walk, stand on a bridge in the middle of nowhere and see, almost certainly, nothing.  So I went back to the car and drove to the station at Weybourne.  This came in, clearly the 13.50 from Sheringham which answered my question; there must have been an extra train running I hadn't known about.

I wish they'd told me.

EDIT:  Turns out it was a special train run in memory of a recently lost friend of the railway.

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