By helenann


It was a busy morning at the sustainability event where I was talking to people about the value of using wild plants in their gardens to attract  pollinating insects, which will also pollinate the flowers of their fruit and vegetable plants. I then encouraged a number,  including a few children,to sow some seeds in containers to take  away and grow on. We also had a seed swap in action, and at another table were a couple who  are passionate about hedgehogs, advising on how to attract and keep these animals in your garden. They have  found hedgehogs like to eat kitten biscuits (not fish flavoured) with a dish of water close by. 
I forgot to take a photo at the event so I'm afraid you will have to make do with a quick  photo of the Pulmonaria or lungwort I found in my  garden afterwards, and my apologies that it is no match for the other lovely photos of lungwort I have seen on here recently!

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