Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a nice quiet day at home - needed it as I had a busy week last week going out every day. Did some household chores which had been piling up. Also did some online shopping - nothing exciting just cat food and cat litter ( and dog treats )

Newcastle Utd were playing away today at Chelsea.  2pm kick off.  The match was on Sky which I don't have.  But I do have access to SkyGo so I was able to watch the game on my computer. The picture quality is poor but its better than nothing.  Newcastle played OK and were holding their own for most of the match. They should have been awarded a penalty.  And a Chelsea player ( or possibly two ) should have been sent off.  Newcastle almost managed to come away with a draw but Chelsea scored on the 89th minute.  To add insult to injury the player who scored was one of those who should have been sent off. Newcastle were unlucky not to get a draw but it just wasn't their day with referee decisions going against them. 

Tino is my blip today in the absence of anything more interesting.  He's settling down in his bed for a nap.

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