Silly Saturday ...

... snow day!

After yesterday's gorgeousness we awoke to snow this morning.  It started as rain overnight and wasn't supposed to turn to snow until the afternoon but the snow started earlier than predicted.  By the end of it we had received about 4-5 inches.  You can see by the bottom right picture that Kiera wasn't impressed!

I spent the day inside as you can well image but still managed to take lots of pictures as the bird feeders were busy, busy, busy!  And my collage speaks to that fact.  Richard went out but only to use his new snow blower on the driveway.  It was heavy, wet snow so the snow blower came in handy ... this is first time it has been used this winter.  

The middle right photo is of this same girl statue but with more snow!  The birds in the collage are as follows starting in bottom left going up and around to upper right: dark-eyed junco and song sparrow, male Northern cardinal, blue jay, and white-throated sparrow.  

Backblipped: March 14, 2022

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