By PicturePoems


'Di-verse' is my chosen word (-play) to describe my photographic style for today's Mono Monday challenge. (Thanks to host Kanga Zu for the prompt.) This is the only photo I've taken today - which started so promisingly with bright sunshine. Unfortunately, after days of rain and dull skies, I couldn't wait to step outdoors, without sunglasses that I'd left in the car. Within a couple of minutes, thanks to the dazzling brightness, I'd developed the classic zig-zag lined sight-disturbance - or 'aura' - that signalled a migraine. 

Despite taking a Migraleve tablet straight away, and lying in a darkened room, the headache followed. It was eased by my sleeping on and off all morning and adding a couple of paracetamol to the mix. But it wasn't the day I'd planned. Thought we'd be heading off for a nice long walk today. Sigh. Anyway, it's gone now, and just leaves me feeling weary. So I hope I'll sleep again tonight, too. 

I love how the carnation family make such good cut flowers, lasting and lasting. They're a pretty pale yellow, but they look good in black-and-white, too. 

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