Support for Ukraine at the Scottish Parliament

Liz and Tony came for lunch today. I served them pea and ham soup, quiche and salad, and lemon drizzle cake. After lunch the four of us (but not Mummy hazelh) took a walk over to Holyrood Park. Here's the current display of flags outside the Scottish Parliament. (Interesting question - would they have had a Ukrainian flag in stock, or would this one have been ordered specially at short notice?)

This morning I prepared the meal described above.

Mummy hazelh has been naughty again and removed her second dressing. I have made a temporary fix, and booked her in to see the nurse at my GP practice tomorrow for a proper replacement bandage (and a telling off!)

Today there was more good news about co-authored work to which I have recently contributed: Marina will be making two presentations at a conference in Berlin in September.

Exercise today: walking (13,514 steps).

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