Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


A little record of the SA meeting tonight... We were very thin on the ground. Some weeks are like that! :(

G took herself to school while I caught up with invoices etc. We then both raced to Wafi to get the ingredients for dinner. G's decided a lasagne is the quickest/easiest thing to do for dinner with Jeff and Margaret tonight.

We had a happy tea, looking at the pictures we took yesterday on the TV screen. I've still got to blip 15th March; hoping to do that asap. There are over 500 pictures to go through first. Yikes!

G did an audit of how many countries we've yet to visit. There are still 84 left, which feels like such a large number, having passed the 100 mark yesterday! Now that we have one each (you get a White passport if you get over 100 stamps), I finally made up our "passports", putting pictures in and filling in the details. They make for really cool souvenirs.

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