Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Wet day

Happy hump day.
Most of the day … raining and miserable.

After a good couple of years +, hubby “went to work” today, so we had a “first day at work” photo. Dropped him off at the station for the trip into London.

On to AJ, she was still in bed! wasn’t aware of my arranged visit. I assisted her personal care and dressing, giving her time to have tea and breakfast. A lovely visit.

Decided to go into town - pick up some LFT kits - get some shopping and treated myself to lunch in the coffee shop. Had hot cross bun latte - YUMMY - and positioned myself in a good people watching spot.

Back home and shopping away. Quick feet up before collecting Caleb from school - the heavens decided to open just at that point!

Daughter arrived with Austin and she went in another room to have “parents evening” online - Caleb is doing well at school. Boys playing “Peppa pig” app here, taking it in turns, but from the look of Austin’s face it’s “his turn”!

Collected hubby from the station and collected take away on the way home.


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