Another good metaphor for my life right now....
I really can't complain about it as I'm not really unhappy, but I do have a feeling that I am somehow living vicariously through podcasts, British television mysteries and working on whatever the current quilt is. Quilting could certainly qualify for the term 'repetition' and it did occur to me to use a picture of the current one, but I decided I like the simplicity of the lemons and tangerines from our trees in a hollowed out olive branch which lives on our dining room table.

A bit of good family news...granddaughter Julia will graduate from Connecticut College (just when I have finally learned to spell it) and was just accepted into an NYU graduate program. We're all extremely proud of her. She is a hard worker and has quietly gone about her life without a lot of drama. Ever since she wrote her college essay, which I still have on my computer desktop, on owning her disability and explaining to people who might not realize it, that she is deaf, she has grown into a self assured young woman. She knew what she was doing when she had 'still I rise' tattooed on her wrist on her 18th birthday.

A 'For Sale' sign has appeared in front of the bunker house above us. It still doesn't look finished, but maybe the promise of a sale will provide the necessary motivation to finish it and clean up the mess around it. Another fire rebuild is about to start on a lot that is now visible from our house because so many trees in between have been lost. The property developer who will be doing it called us to inform us of his intentions which was very thoughtful. 

A new text from David this morning says the tile guys will show up tomorrow between 8 and 8:30am. Hopefully we can streamline the shower scenario. I have now moved a lot of stuff back into our bathroom from the guest bathroom, so I suppose I will have to move it all back again. More repetition....

Thanks to Ingeborg for her interesting challenges and her ongoing efforts to educate us on abstract photography.

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