By Teasel


BB was off early to work, and I also was off to work – though not quite as early.  It did mean that we had to leave BB to get himself organised – which I am assured he did.
There were one or two more people in the office today, but I had gone in to specifically meet up with a couple of colleagues and to then go out to a real face to face meeting.  The meeting was in an interesting setting too – so all in all a good morning meeting real people, people I have only met over Teams.  I still think that face to face contact is so important for building relationships. It’s two years to the day since we were sent home from the office, for maybe around three months!!
My afternoon was then taken up with meetings in the office, and I ended up working late to clear my in box.  I also took the opportunity to print a few documents off, something we can’t do at home.  Annoyingly I just missed a bus home, so had to kill some time before the next one.  My cold has developed over the course of the day, so I was feeling quite worn out by the time I got home and my head was pounding.  I was glad that TT had tea all ready.
BB had his usual rugby and football training tonight.  He had a modern studies test today and said it was easy.  Let’s hope his mark reflects that!  I had an early night.
I would love to have blipped a picture of where we had our meeting today, but no photos allowed.  I do have a sneeky pic of my colleagues, but they have strict instructions not to share anywhere.  Here is the carpet.  It was quite a nice carpet!

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