Capital adventures

By marchmont

Frog spawn

I did not sleep well as I was worrying about the wallpaper situation.  Of course I needn't have lost any sleep and I'm glad I did decide to swim, though came home just after 8.  J and I worked out that there was enough paper and by the end of the day the room was finished.

A meeting at 9 and a chat with A about the Board problem.  Paperwork was promised but it hasn't arrived.  I also discovered that coiffeur J is related to E that sits next to me at Choir.  She's written an interesting piece on their antecedents coming over from Belarus to Scotland via Denmark. 

After that J came to discuss the Choir's SCIO draft constitution.  That made our brains hurt and went on much longer than I thought it would.

I eventually managed to get out in the garden and it was quit arm and lovely to be in my happy place.  Unwrapped the garden furniture, set up the new hotbox that arrived yesterday and did some more cutting back of clematis montana.  I also fed plants.  

After that I started putting back the front room and sat there at night watching a bit of Comic Relief, admiring my new wallpaper.  Not sure which pictures I'll put back up though. 

Y and G (Glasgow) both have Covid.  The Whatsapp group is a flutter.  I'm not getting involved. 

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