I needed an adventure that would give me a fix for a few days - ten to be precise.  I knew it would finish me off - I normally leave this route until at least June for my legs to get used to a longer ride and I never find it easy.  

I never found it easy!
But it was tremendous.

Cool air took me over to Pateley Bridge and as it started to warm up, I spotted my first butterfly high up on Trapping Hill.  Just where you need a bit of entertainment the most,  I took plenty of glances away from the tarmac ahead and to the bird life playing around and calling in the sunshine.  

I guess it's the early part of the season but it was still a surprise to see Leighton Reservoir full up to the brim.  I shared a wave with a fly fisherman and enjoyed the quiet lanes round to Coverdale.

By East Witton, I could feel my legs but I was in no rush and knew everything was possible from here.  I was turning back into the wind but it wasn't significant and, with the blue sky, that was enough to get anyone home - along with a bit of singing.  

I even stripped off to shorts.  

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