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By HeidiAndDolly

Two For The Price Of One

I was awake and out of bed before 530 this morning. It was such a beautiful morning with the full moon low in the sky, so I decided to venture out on a walk while everyone was still asleep. Although legally we’re no longer required to self-isolate when we have covid, we’re still strongly encouraged to follow the guidance and stay home, especially if we’re still testing positive (which I am). I’ve not ventured out since I got back from Houston on the 10th, I decided that there was no huge risk in going out when I was unlikely to meet anyone else. And I certainly had the park all to myself!

As you can see it was a beautiful morning. I actually took the lower picture first - at 6:11. And the top picture was taken looking in the opposite direction, just less than 20 minutes later.

It was a very peaceful morning - lots of birds singing. But there were also lots of planes coming in to land - flights mostly from the Middle East and Africa.

It was a chilly morning, with lots of dew on the ground, but it soon warmed up and I spent another glorious day in the garden. I did a couple of short spurts of decluttering in the garage, but mostly rested on my lounger, and had some conversations with friends. I’m feeling very congested again and more tired than I have been this week so it’s a very early night for me! Apparently the covid symptoms can come in waves, so hopefully a good nights sleep will help.

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