By Jamjar

My friend in Nottingham, also a Janice, has been having a kitchen extension built and fitted, except that the whole process has been fraught with difficulties with the builder, the plumber, the electrician and lastly, but not least, the kitchen fitter. 

I visited today - let's not dwell on the lorry that nearly wiped me out on the way - and saw firsthand the imperfections*** she's been telling me about.

As you can see, there's a way to go before it's finished, but at least she can begin to fill the cupboards because at the moment her kitchen stuff is spread all over the bungalow!

A Velux window that can't be opened.
A bit of polystyrene packaging not removed from under the washing machine causing a squeaky noise.
A dishwasher that wouldn't drain properly due to not being fitted properly  - the Howdens' engineer came while I was there and was very helpful.

Jan will be glad when it's done, and I do like her light fitting!

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