More gigging. Queens Hall, unreserved standing said the ticket, so we were there at the front of the queue to get a seat (there are a few). A tiny queue! In we marched, and into the hall - loads of seats, and strangely, dozens of music stands - enough for a complete orchestra. An attendant rushed in behind us and ushered us out. The concert was in the bar!
And what a great gig it was, compered by James Yorkston: first up, Jamie Sutherland who was just fine and dandy, and then Burd Ellen. We’d never heard of them (well, until we actually looked at the tickets) - Whoah! So impressive. Balladry with soundscapes. A bit niche maybe, as they’d say themselves. Stole the show. And finally, a double act - Withered Hand and Kathryn Williams who have been collaborating away behind the scenes. Quite a bit, I’d say by the body language, but I could be wrong of course. Very lovely and tuneful, anyway!

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