New Avocado Growth

Restless night, kept checking to see if Feathers had returned. I knew she would if she could, she's not adventurous, but we wondered if the car had hit her and she'd found somewhere to die. Anyway, at first light, in she came, all OK, and has spent the day eating or sleeping. Phew. 

Some sunshine today, and some rain, but still a lot of dust in the air - you can see it on the older leaves in the photo.

Mike and Paul planted the seven trees we bought, and put up the wire surrounds to protect from the sheep. I made nine jars of marmalade, with our last grapefruit and our oranges, and Stephanie's lemons, plus some chopped ginger, and some of Margreth's limoncello.

Lent verses were John 4v43-54, where a father begs Jesus to heal his son, and believes that Jesus has, though he's about twenty miles away:
The man believed the bare word Jesus spoke and headed home.

- Feathers coming home unharmed
- nine more trees planted, the seven fruit trees and two pines we've had for ages
- some sunshine and warmth for Paul, actually got a bit burnt planting the trees

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