My Best Efforts - Year 3


The "Lady" Next Door ...........

.................Those of you who have kindly read my Journal on a regular basis will know that I live in a very tiny cottage with just a miniscule front garden. You may appreciate that when, 18 months ago, I was horrified somewhat concerned to learn that the couple who were moving into the adjoining cottage had two quite large dogs! Especially as the people in the large detached house on the other side have two Boxers, which I regret to say, seldom seem to stop barking!! However, this lovely dog, "Lady" and her companion, Henry, are two of the loveliest neighbours one could possibly wish for. In the 18 months they have been here, I have heard only one single bark. They are taken out three times a day for walks of anything from 1 to 2 hours each and couldn't have more loving and dedicated owners - whereas the two Boxers are never walked and are left in the large paved area to the front and side of their house! - and although their barking is a damned nuisance, I do feel sorry for them - they are just bored!
Enough of all that!

The weather is fine - sun and cloud - still windy - but the temperature is up to 18 deg.C !!!!

Have a peaceful Sunday.

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