My Best Efforts - Year 3


Insecure Security!.......

...............A rusty Padlock for MonoMonday - Metal!!

Hope there is nothing very valuable in this outbuilding!

The padlock is on but not closed - has the key been lost? - is the owner close by ? - we shall probably never know!

BOUI for today " padlocks" :-

1) Padlocks as “wedding locks”. In some places in China, a happy and lasting marriage is ensured using an ancient tree, a padlock and red ribbons. The bridal couple lock the ribbons onto the tree with a padlock engraved with their names and throw the key into a nearby waterway, locking the ties of love forever.

2) In Bamberg, Germany, after inviting the public to attach love locks on the Kettenbrücke in 2011, officials threatened to remove them during the same year due to rust. After public outrage and several township meetings, the locks remain.

Another lovely morning, sun shining and birds singing - temperature at 8.30am 47Deg.F.

Have a happy day!

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