Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Creeping Crepusculars, Batman!

It's the Wide on Wednesday challenge (hosted by BobsBlips, welcome back Bob) and the theme this week is 'Sky'. It's been fairly hazy again today but by afternoon there was a bit of definition in the sky.

Rowden Cross always seems a good place to photograph sky with a view to the south and west and I was pleased to get some crepuscular rays there today. 

I've been battling with the tailgate of the van this morning. I noticed a few days ago that the high level brake light lens was missing so I went online and ordered a new one. I'd assumed it was just a lens and would push in to the aperture. Wrong, it turns out that it's the complete led unit and I had to remove all the inside of the tailgate which has window blinds and stuff so it was a right palaver. I think it's all done now and I hope it's all back right and won't rattle. I'll be going on a jaunt this weekend with some overnight camping on the way up and the way back.

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